Rhodium Plating

Over a period of time, the plating will wear off from any piece of jewelry and may start exposing a different colored metal underneath. Rhodium Plating helps to keep your jewelry protected and looking beautiful for years to come! 

Chemicals, perfumes, hair sprays can wear off plating of any jewelry piece making it look dull. Rhodium plating can be used on silver to help it resist scratches and tarnishing, and is also commonly used on white gold to give it that shiny white, reflective appearance. It is better to replate, Rhodium plated jewelry after every 3 months to a year, depending on the item and its wear and tear.

Bring your jewelry to Gold'N Creations located in Gretna, LA! We will clean it thoroughly to remove all contaminants before re-plating it to make it look brand-new again.

If you have any questions regarding rhodium plating, please feel free to Contact Us.
Rhodium Plating Service at Gold