Permanent Jewelry

What is it?

It is the latest jewelry trend that is custom fit to your wrist, neck, or ankle and is laser welded closed. Whether you’re getting one with a romantic partner, best friend, family member, or simply to enjoy as a long-lasting addition to your wrist, these forever pieces are easy to justify, and even easier to incorporate into your daily wardrobe and routine.

There is not a clasp. You can cut it off with scissors if you need to take it off and have it re welded. We only carry 14k yellow and white gold to ensure longevity of your jewelry. 14k will not set off a metal detector such as the ones during a TSA check at the airport.

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How Much does it cost?

You choose your style of chain and simply pay per inch. Our prices start at $15 per inch.


Grab your girlfriends, moms, friends, and relatives to have your own event at our shop. Great way to celebrate Birthdays, Weddings, and Bachelorette parties. We will give you 10% commission of the sales in a store credit. So for example, if the sales are $1500, you will receive $150 store credit to use. There is a minimum of 5 people per event to receive the commission. We will provide wine or champagne, depending on your preference.

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*Appointments not required on Saturdays
from 10am - 2pm.