Jewelry Repairs

Expert Jewelry Repair Services in Gretna, LA.

At Gold'N Creations, we understand that jewelry is an important investment and that it is subject to wear and tear, which is why we offer our top notch repair services to make sure that your jewelry lasts forever. Whether it is your chain that needs to be soldered, or a ring that needs to be sized, pearl jewelry that has to be re-strung, or any other jewelry repair needs, our experts can fix your valuable jewelry.

So if you have broken jewelry that you can’t wear anymore, don’t worry! Just bring it to Gold'N Creations Fine Jewelers - your trusted, full-service local jewelers in Gretna, LA. Our jewelry experts will take a look at your precious jewelry pieces and suggest the best advice for repair. Rest assured that your jewelry is in safe hands and that we will make your piece look like brand new.

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Jewelry Repairs Service at Gold