Sell Your Gold

Do you have gold jewelry that is old or broken and you no longer wear them?

Bring them to our store and we'll pay you on the spot! We'll also buy your old platinum and silver jewelry.

Give us your old rings, bracelets, chains, earrings, watches, brooches and other old jewelry and get paid!

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Why should I sell my gold?

If you are hanging on to your old gold jewelry, gold scrap, gold coins, or other gold items, and are unsure of whether or not to sell them for cash, then don't wait too long you may be disappointed with your cash return. Gold is selling at historically high rates at the present time, but no one knows when the price will drop. By selling your gold now, you can take advantage of these high gold values. If you wait, it may be too late.

Even if you do not keep up with the financial markets, you have probably heard about the extreme fluctuations that the gold market has experienced lately. The gold market has seen percentage changes in the double digits in a matter of days for several weeks, resulting in wild variations in the value of gold, and more fluctuations like these are expected for the near future. While the price of gold on the market is expected to stay high, these market variations indicate that getting the best price for your gold may depend on selling now.

However, one thing about gold has remained constant throughout these market variations - financial advisors are recommending those with gold to sell now. The best way to protect yourself and your gold investment while also maximizing the value of your gold is to sell now, while the value of gold is high.