The Westbank's Hidden Gem - Jewelry Store - Custom Design, Diamonds, Gems, Monograms - New Orleans, Terrytown and Gretna

"Jewelry Renovators: jewelry repair, watch repair and renovations experts!"

Whether you are looking to get custom made jewelry for yourself or a loved one, or want a new look for an old piece of jewelry, we can do it all.

You'll want to show off your new or improved jewelry with our fast repair turnaround time.

In-House Jewelry Services & Repair

Full Service, In-House, Repair & Service Jewelry Shop: Restorations, Repair and Custom Design for All Jewelry Applications. Jewelry Repair - New Orleans, Westbank, Gretna, and Terrytown

Need to repair your jewelry? Come in and let our jewelry repair experts handle your unique, personal pieces with care.

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Don't let a nice piece of jewelry go to waste just because it's broken, we can fix or re-invent most jewelry pieces.Restorations, Repair and Custom Design

New, old or just want to make it feel new to you - we have the experts to help rejuvenate your old piece. Looking for custom, unique pieces? We have do that also...

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Celebrating 29 Years! Gold'N Creations is a full-service jewelry store, established in 1990.

Our expert jewelers can create custom jewelry pieces using precious metals and stones. In addition, we offer unique colored stone and diamond jewelry, as well as gold and silver earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, and more.

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